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Speaker:  Erica Morrow.  Slow Road Photo,  Minneapolis, Mn. www.slowroadphoto.com

 Program Description: 

Volume photography has many key components, but there is no doubting the importance of having the right team in place to ensure you reach your goals and provide a quality service to clients.  In this talk, Erica Morrow, owner and lead photographer of Slow Road Photo, shares her insights on the difference key hires can have on your volume business and what to look for when hiring new employees. She’ll also convey the importance of developing a strong company culture thru your employees.

Speaker: Tim Macdonald Image Art Studio

 Program Description:  *How to photograph thousands of students with the least amount of equipment without compromising quality 

*Taking on hundreds, sometimes thousands of students in a fast paced environment with or without paperwork 

*Selling multiple images online to customers while averaging $45-$58 per order 

*Providing schools with a proper proposal and all the service items they WANT from you!

Instructor:  Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP.


You’ve worked hard to build your business. It’s going well, but you’ve reached a plateau. Maybe it’s time to think BIG and take your business to the next level. This program will provide insight into what it takes to exponentially grow your business. Learn the secrets of winning MAJOR ACCOUNT BIDS.  Learn how to super-charge your marketing and diversify your business to reduce seasonality and even-out your cash flow. Discover how to recruit, hire and compensate a great part-time Staff and keep them loyal to you. Learn how to create an alternate brand to get customers you aren’t getting now and to prepare your business for transition or sale at retirement time. Break the ties that are holding you back. Think BIG!

Speaker: Nick Shoob.  Shoob Photo South, Los Angeles County, CA. www.shoobphotosouth.com

 Program Description:

Nick Shoob has grown up in the school photo business. His family studio has been around for over 102 years and photographs over 100k students a year. But after seeing all the trials and tribulations of running a business that big, he decided to do things differently when he opened Shoob Photo South. With a business focused on efficiency and low overhead, he has been able to lead a comfortable life while photographing many less schools. Please join his talk to discuss how, remote workers, computer automation, and getting rid of office space can not only save your bottom line but also your sanity.

Speaker: Stephanie McCauley I Smile Studios stephanie@ismilesstudios.com

Program Description:  Do you only have 30-45 seconds with each child?  Great!  That’s plenty of time to get 8-10 unique sellable images to put in a client’s gallery.  Push your average sale through the roof with these tips and tricks to provide your customers a mini session for each of their children right at school!

Speaker: Jeff Edwards.  Scholastic Reflections, Milwaukee, WI.  www.

 Program Description:

Yearbooks are important and necessary for any extraordinarily successful school portrait photography company. If done well, they are one of the single best ways to build and maintain business. This program will talk about how to leverage yearbooks in gaining new business. Success with yearbooks comes from active management of the yearbook process. We will discuss ways to grow Elementary school yearbook business. How to better manage yearbooks of all types to eliminate the angst that is felt around deadline time and how Covid will impact the yearbook business this year If you are new to yearbooks or have been doing them for a while, I think you will find some great tips for growing and managing your year yearbook business.

Instructor:  Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP.

Anyone can claim to be a professional photographer, and many amateurs actually do. There’s a BIG difference between the wanna-be volume photographers and what you offer. Unfortunately, even the best volume photographer can occasionally lose an account to someone less qualified. The Accreditation Program from Volume Imaging Professionals can help you set yourself apart (and above) other competitors in your local area. Decision-makers are more likely to choose a photographer who has been recognized by their industry for their professionalism, training, related experience, and adherence to ethical standards.  Accreditation can also enhance your professional credibility and give your Clients peace-of-mind that they’ve hired the “best of the best.”  Learn how to qualify to become the first (and possibly the only) Accredited Volume Imaging Professional in your area, and reap its benefits.


Sponsored by: Volume Imaging Professionals

Dance schools are an incredible way to augment your volume business!  Learn how to approach schools, create a dance school workflow, design  sessions, and successfully interact with dancers on their own terms.

Speaker: Cane Sampson, CEO, CL Photoz, Harrisonburg, VA.  www.clphotoz.com


Program Description:

 If you ask about Cane, the first thing most people are going to tell you is that “he is a hustler.”  I am always one step ahead of my competition and that is because of my hustle.  I have applied what I learned from the streets of East Orange, NJ to my photography business and can show you how I have applied this knowledge to my business to make it successful. In only three years in the volume world, I have already surpassed my competition and have locked in every contract I have gone after – Let me show you how.

Speaker: Marion Hughes, Photographic Trainer and Consultant, AYS Imaging, Dallas Texas

 Program Description:  This program is a guide to creating an undergrad spring photography program that the parents and students will want to buy.  Learn about spring programs that sell, and ones that do not. Learn how to build a fast-change background system out of things you probably already have lying around – A High Key to Low Key proof program in almost no time. Discover lighting for Green Screen and Hi Key that works every time. He’ll also cover a technique called Quick-Change Posing, providing two senior-like poses in just a few seconds. His programs are fast-paced and entertaining.  Don’t miss it.

Speaker: Mike Norkin, CEO, Cherished Memories Photography. Lake Elsinore, CA. www.cherishedmemoriesphotography.com

 Program Description:

Cherished Memories Photography has been working with schools producing Senior Portraits for 20 years! Owner, Mike Norkin, has led the charge in expanding his business in what started with a small garage studio to 4 studios spread out over Southern California with 80 schools, 13,500 contract seniors, and 100,000+ Underclass Students on a yearly basis! Join Mike and his lead staff in an overview of their workflow and processes for profitable volume in-studio Contract Seniors.

Speaker: Justin Clements, Owner,  Street Safari, Inc, Pensacola, FL.  http://www.streetsafari.com/

 Program Description:  StreetSafari Inc has developed one of the world’s highest-capacity workflow systems for coverage of Sporting Events and more. In our program, we’ll share how we do this with other photographers, shooting daily volumes from 10,000 to 80,000 photographs per day and automatically publishing around 10,000 images per hour. So you think YOU do volume photography?  Learn about real volume from a company at the top of its game

Speaker:   David Grupa, M.Photog.Cr., CPP      Grupa Portrait Studio

 Program Description:  Photographers are constantly looking for a new way to add income streams to their studios. However, when it seems like getting new clients is more and more difficult, where do you look for new business?

There’s money in volume. That’s right, all of those sports teams get photographed every season, and parents purchase everything from groups and individuals to magnets, buttons and more. (And they do it multiple times per year as their child moves from sport to sport.)

While it takes a little work to grow this business, it can be extremely lucrative when done properly and creatively. And you can add volume sports without killing your portrait studio brand.

David will walk you through this full-circle journey that led to successfully adding volume sports to their portrait studio, including tips for marketing to prospective clients.

Speakers: Danny & Dianne Rabalais

 Program Description:  When starting this school year, things were obviously in a fluctuating state and school administrators did not know what to do. Schools were cancelling photos left and right because they were afraid and were ordered not to have kids gather in common areas.

 For the next 3 months, my wife and I went to work on this new system and when we finished… BINGO, we were taking photos a week later! 

 We have the first ever Classroom-To-Classroom Volume School Photography system and we are going to share it with you!

Instructor:  Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP.


Want to get into a market that’s destined to grow exponentially after COVID? Photographing Families in VOLUME through Membership Directory programs for Churches, Country Clubs, and Homeowner’s Association can be your answer!  You just have to learn the best practices of doing them,  RIGHT!  This is a proven program with very little competition, no seasonality,  minimal equipment requirements, and no brick-and-mortar studio is needed.  If you have good portraiture skills working with Children and Families in a mobile studio environment, this could be a great new opportunity for you. Learn how to get started in this two-hour program with Instructor,  Chris Wunder,  the man that literally wrote the Manual on Membership Directory Portrait Programs.

Speaker:   Mike Norkin

Cherished Memories Photography has been working with schools producing

Senior Portraits for 20 years! Owner, Mike Norkin, has led the charge in expanding

his business in what started with a small garage studio to 4 studios spread out over

Southern California with 80 schools, 13,500 contract seniors, and 100,000+ Underclass Students on a yearly basis! Join Mike and his lead staff in an overview of their workflow and

processes for profitable volume in-studio Contract Seniors. 

Speaker:   Mitchell Moore

Like it or not, the Photography Business is really a sales-based business first.  The Click-Time comes secondary to the time spent guiding prospects and customers through your process.    Understand how this works and how to develop your Business Marketing Skills

Speaker:   Mitchell Moore

To Speak to Your Customers, you must know How They Listen and Respond.  Learn the basics of how to connect with potential decision makers.  Ever wonder how someone hears one thing when you heard something completely different?  We’ll uncover the science behind it and how to modify your message for any audience.