Cane Sampson

CL Photoz Inc.

Cane Sampson is a professional photographer who works primarily in the volume world. He is the founder and CEO of CL Photoz based in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Cane leads his business with his creative lighting, skilled use of photoshop, and his ability to land major contracts. In only a short period of three years, Cane is known as the best volume green screen photographer in a wide area.  In his sports photography, Cane believes that each athlete deserves to feel like a superstar, and he creates that environment with each session by delivering an experience and a photo to reflect that.  Cane has trained with some of the best photoshop experts in the industry and attends continuing education conferences on a regular basis.  He has also completed the Volume Boot Camp with Volume Imaging Professionals and H&H Color Lab.  He is always one to stay on top of new trends and methods and applies these to his business

Classes Cane is Teaching

Everyday I’m Hustlin’

 If you ask about Cane, the first thing most people are going to tell you is that “he is a hustler.”  I am always one step ahead of my competition and that is because of my hustle.  I have applied what I learned from the streets of East Orange, NJ to my photography business and can show you how I have applied this knowledge to my business to make it successful. In only three years in the volume world, I have already surpassed my competition and have locked in every contract I have gone after – Let me show you how.


Additional Materials Available from Cane

Roll Up Banner Templates

These are the templates Cane Referenced in his presentation to help you “Wow” your message on Picture Day