Justin Clements

Street Safari Inc.

Justin Clements has worked as a professional photographer for the last 9 years, primarily in high-volume souvenir and sports photography. Using a 15 year background in Information Technology we have developed our own in house publishing and high volume workflows.  Perhaps it’s time to expand your business to include a popular new market segment. We can show you the opportunities.

Classes Justin is Teaching

MEGA-Volume!  How we take and post up to 80,000 photos per day.  StreetSafari Inc has developed one of the world’s highest-capacity workflow systems for coverage of Sporting Events and more. In our program, we’ll share how we do this with other photographers, shooting daily volumes from 10,000 to 80,000 photographs per day and automatically publishing around 10,000 images per hour. So you think YOU do volume photography?  Learn about real volume from a company at the top of its game.

Additional Materials Available from Justin