David Grupa

M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Grupa Portrait Studio

A member of the Professional Photographers of America since 1977, David has been in the industry since 1976. Currently, he and his wife Kirsten own and operate Grupa Portrait Studio in Maplewood, MN where they operate a residential studio specializing in HS Seniors, families, and portrait photography.

While David always had a few school teams on his schedule, in 2013 he began actively marketing to increase the studio’s sports business. Inspiration from successful veterans like Pat Cahill, Jeff Gump and Leigh LaForest gave him the push he needed to take that market segment to the next level. Kirsten and David have been featured in Professional Photographer magazine. They have spoken at Imaging USA along with other state and specialty conferences.

David and wife Kirsten (also a Certified Professional Photographer and Cr. Photog.) have twin 7-year-old daughters, Kathryn and Sylvia, and reside in Maplewood, MN. When he’s not busy in the studio, you’ll find him volunteering for various community and professional groups. In the summer months, Target Field (or other baseball parks) become his hangout.

Classes David is Teaching

Adding Volume Sports to Your Portrait Studio.

Photographers are constantly looking for a new way to add income streams to their studios. However, when it seems like getting new clients is more and more difficult, where do you look for new business?

  There’s money in volume. That’s right, all of those sports teams get photographed every season, and parents purchase everything from groups and individuals to magnets, buttons and more. (And they do it multiple times per year as their child moves from sport to sport.)

  While it takes a little work to grow this business, it can be extremely lucrative when done properly and creatively. And you can add volume sports without killing your portrait studio brand.

  David will walk you through this full-circle journey that led to successfully adding volume sports to their portrait studio, including tips for marketing to prospective clients.

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