Tim Macdonald

Image Art Studio

Tim Macdonald is the owner of Image Art Studio, the premier, full-service school photography studio in northern New Jersey. Dealing with thousands of students and athletes every year, he makes sure each shot gets the special attention it deserves by always staying on top of his game with his photography and workflow. 

Tim is an experienced GotPhoto user since 2018, and has converted all of his school accounts (35,000 students) to GotPhoto because of the success in sales and automated workflows. He has also mastered many types of events including Commencement Ceremonies, Fashion Fundraisers, Onsite Event Photography, Proms, HS Sports and more – all while utilizing GotPhoto

Classes Tim is Teaching

Program Title:   New to School Photography? Here is Everything You Need to Know – Step by Step!

Program Description:  *How to photograph thousands of students with the least amount of equipment without compromising quality 

*Taking on hundreds, sometimes thousands of students in a fast paced environment with or without paperwork 

*Selling multiple images online to customers while averaging $45-$58 per order 


*Providing schools with a proper proposal and all the service items they WANT from you!

Sponsored by: GotPhoto

Additional Materials Available from Tim

Pro Tips Live:  MVP GotPhoto Workflow, Job Ideas, Shooting JPG, Q&A

Check out Tim’s YouTube Channel Pro Tips Live!