Marion Hughes

Cr. Photog. ASP 

AYS Imaging

Marion is often referred to as the “Yoda” of volume photography techniques. He has an uncanny ability to take often complicated photo day challenges, simplifies them and makes them easy to handle. 

Formerly the Director of Photography at Inter-State Studio, Marion is at ease working with large, Corporate photography companies as well as smaller, boutique, and start-up studios.  

He’s authored step-by-step photography process manuals and is the inventor of the “Wibit” exposure and color calibration tool for digital photography. Put his 40+ years of experience to work for you.  Attend his classes.

Classes Marion is Teaching

Volume Spring School Photography…Give ’em What They Want

* 2-hour program

This program is a guide to creating an undergrad spring photography program that the parents and students will want to buy.  Learn about spring programs that sell, and ones that do not. Learn how to build a fast-change background system out of things you probably already have lying around – A High Key to Low Key proof program in almost no time. Discover lighting for Green Screen and Hi Key that works every time. He’ll also cover a technique called Quick-Change Posing, providing two senior-like poses in just a few seconds. His programs are fast-paced and entertaining.  Don’t miss it.

Sponsored by: Marathon Press

Additional Materials Available from Marion

Check Back for Materials from Marion

From the WIBIT to his Focusing Chart, Marion has developed many tools to aid the volume photographer in their work.  Check back by the Academy Launch Date for these items to become available for purchase