Mike Norkin

Cherished Memories Photography

Mike has been working professionally since 1998 when he entered the family portrait market. Taking family portraits at schools from Santa Barbara to San Diego, Mike was scheduled seven days a week six months a year. After three years of making someone else wealthy, Mike decided to do his own thing, and on September 10th, 2001, Mike officially launched Cherished Memories Photography. 

Over the past 19 years, Mike and his team have worked with a variety of clients ranging from Minor League baseball to professional medical organizations, cities, water districts, sports leagues, and, most importantly, schools. With 80 schools, including 30 comprehensive high schools, Mike’s team is heavily sought after in the Southern California area. Customer service is a hallmark of Mike’s company and he boasts a 100% retention rate with his school business, never losing a client in 19 years.

Classes Mike is Teaching

Successful High School Senior Contract process and workflow.

Cherished Memories Photography has been working with schools producing Senior Portraits for 20 years!

Owner, Mike Norkin, has led the charge in expanding his business in what started with a small garage studio to 4 studios spread out over Southern California with 80 schools, 13,500 contract seniors, and 100,000+ Underclass Students on a yearly basis! Join Mike and his lead staff in an overview of their workflow and processes for profitable volume in-studio Contract Seniors. 


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