Danny & Dianne Rabalais

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Danny & Dianne are a husband and wife team from Northern California. They have been in the volume school business for over 12 years. Dianne is the nice one that remembers everyone’s name and tries to keep Danny in line. Danny has been described as irreverent… but in a good way. Their personalities allow them to relay training to others in a way that they immediately understand.

Danny is a retired sheriff’s captain and Dianne was the director of a non-profit battered woman’s shelter, but now they both own a successful photography company and manage up to 25 employees during the busy seasons.

They will tell you and show you how its done successfully!  

  • Why they developed the Class Cart
  • How it was made
  • How it works
  • Why it works
  • What equipment will be needed
  • The responses form administration and teachers
  • How to set yourself up for Class Cart success

Classes the Rabalais are Teaching

Class Cart:   The NEW School Photography

When starting this school year, things were obviously in a fluctuating state and school administrators did not know what to do. Schools were cancelling photos left and right because they were afraid and were ordered not to have kids gather in common areas.

 For the next 3 months, my wife and I went to work on this new system and when we finished… BINGO, we were taking photos a week later! 

 We have the first ever Classroom-To-Classroom Volume School Photography system and we are going to share it with you!



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