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Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP is one of the most recognized and respected names in Volume Photography. With experience spanning almost 40 years, he’s been successful in virtually every type of high-volume photography environment, on both the entrepreneurial and corporate levels.

 He is well known for his educational workshops and has presented at virtually every major photography conference in the U.S. He originated the School & Sports Photography Boot Camps over 10 years ago, and has introduced thousands of photographers to high-volume photography. 

He’s authored numerous articles & training manuals including “The Volume Photographer’s Sales and Marketing Handbook” which is available at Currently, he’s CEO of the PortraitEFX Network, with locations in 30+ states, and is the Executive Director for the Volume Imaging Professionals, LLC, the industry trade association. He does private consulting as well.

Classes Chris is Teaching

Get BIG and do it SMART! Take Your Business to the Enterprise Level.

*Advanced Course

 You’ve worked hard to build your business. It’s going well, but you’ve reached a plateau. Maybe it’s time to think BIG and take your business to the next level. This program will provide insight into what it takes to exponentially grow your business. Learn the secrets of winning MAJOR ACCOUNT BIDS.  Learn how to super-charge your marketing and diversify your business to reduce seasonality and even-out your cash flow. Discover how to recruit, hire and compensate a great part-time Staff and keep them loyal to you. Learn how to create an alternate brand to get customers you aren’t getting now and to prepare your business for transition or sale at retirement time. Break the ties that are holding you back. Think BIG! 

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Earn an extra $50-$100K NET next year with VOLUME family portraiture.

Want to get into a market that’s destined to grow exponentially after COVID? Photographing Families in VOLUME through Membership Directory programs for Churches, Country Clubs, and Homeowner’s Association can be your answer!  You just have to learn the best practices of doing them,  RIGHT!  This is a proven program with very little competition, no seasonality,  minimal equipment requirements, and no brick-and-mortar studio is needed.  If you have good portraiture skills working with Children and Families in a mobile studio environment, this could be a great new opportunity for you. Learn how to get started in this two-hour program with Instructor,  Chris Wunder,  the man that literally wrote the Manual on Membership Directory Portrait Programs.

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Get the credit you deserve. Become an ACCREDITED Volume Photographer.

 Anyone can claim to be a professional photographer, and many amateurs actually do. There’s a BIG difference between the wanna-be volume photographers and what you offer. Unfortunately, even the best volume photographer can occasionally lose an account to someone less qualified. The Accreditation Program from Volume Imaging Professionals can help you set yourself apart (and above) other competitors in your local area. Decision-makers are more likely to choose a photographer who has been recognized by their industry for their professionalism, training, related experience, and adherence to ethical standards.  Accreditation can also enhance your professional credibility and give your Clients peace-of-mind that they’ve hired the “best of the best.”  Learn how to qualify to become the first (and possibly the only) Accredited Volume Imaging Professional in your area, and reap its benefits.



Sponsored by: Volume Imaging Professionals

Additional Materials Available from Chris

THE High-Volume Photographer’s Sales & Marketing Manual

The ULTIMATE guide for ANYONE wanting to START or GROW a High-Volume Photography Business. Over 170 pages of PROVEN, Time-Tested Strategies & Tactics to let you FIND the opportunities, PRESENT like a Pro, and BOOK the most business!

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THE Church Directory Handbook

Church & Membership Directories are the #1 untapped high-volume Family Portrait  market in the U.S. today.  Learn to conduct highly-profitable, volume family portrait programs on-location for Churches & Synagogues, Country Clubs, Homeowner’s Associations and more.  Learn best-practices to get the accounts, conduct on-location photo days, sell the portraits and produce Digital Mobile, Online or Traditional Printed Directories quickly and efficiently. The author, Chris  Wunder is the Nation’s leading authority on high-volume Family Portraiture programs. His 150+ page Quick-Start program will get you going in the RIGHT direction and help you make more money – FAST!

COVID-19 Policy Guide & Contact-Free Photography Manual

Newly Updated COVID-19 Policy Guide & Contact-Free Photography Manual in easy-to-read PDF form as well as fully editable Microsoft Word form.


Join Your Host Chris Wunder as he breaks down the best practices in the industry for pricing strategies and package building in this 2-Part Masterclass.  Information is based on vast industry data as well as consumer responses to the VIP Benchmark Survey.