Alkit Pro Lab

Freeport, NY


    Owned and operated by Steven Buchbinder and David Buchbinder, Alkit is proud to be one of the premier professional labs in the country. We specialize in printing schools, sports, wedding, social and portrait photography. We always strive to bring our professional clients unparalleled quality, the highest level of customer service and great value in photographic printing.

Classes Alkit is Sponsoring

New to School Photography? Here is Everything You Need to Know – Step by Step!  –  Tim Macdonald

*How to photograph thousands of students with the least amount of equipment without compromising quality 

*Taking on hundreds, sometimes thousands of students in a fast paced environment with or without paperwork 

*Selling multiple images online to customers while averaging $45-$58 per order 

*Providing schools with a proper proposal and all the service items they WANT from you!

Sponsored by: Alkit Pro Lab

Double Your Average Sale with Multiple Image Options, Indoors or Out – Stephanie McCauley

Do you only have 30-45 seconds with each child?  Great!  That’s plenty of time to get 8-10 unique sellable images to put in a client’s gallery.  Push your average sale through the roof with these tips and tricks to provide your customers a mini session for each of their children right at school!

Sponsored by: Alkit Pro Lab

Additional Materials Available from Alkit

Meet David Buchbinder from Alkit Pro Lab

Let David explain why Alkit is one of your best options to support your Volume Photography Business with a professional VOLUME print lab.

Read about Alkit’s 83-year history and evolution in the Photo Lab Business

Founded in 1936 by our grandfather and industry-pioneer, Al Slesinger, who established our reputation for outstanding customer service. Al was a Russian immigrant who escaped before the Russian Revolution. Al worked as a delivery-boy for Sidney Berkowitz of Berkey Photo Labs, and then saved enough money to buy the route. He later opened Alkit Camera Shops in New York City. A successful photo retailer,…

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