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Classes GotPhoto is Sponsoring

   New to School Photography? Here is Everything You Need to Know – Step by Step!

Speaker:  Tim Macdonald

Program Description:  *How to photograph thousands of students with the least amount of equipment without compromising quality 

*Taking on hundreds, sometimes thousands of students in a fast paced environment with or without paperwork 

*Selling multiple images online to customers while averaging $45-$58 per order 

*Providing schools with a proper proposal and all the service items they WANT from you!

Building The Right Team to Succeed in Volume Photography

Speaker:  Erica Morrow

Program Description:  Volume photography has many key components, but there is no doubting the importance of having the right team in place to ensure you reach your goals and provide a quality service to clients.  In this talk, Erica Morrow, owner and lead photographer of Slow Road Photo, shares her insights on the difference key hires can have on your volume business and what to look for when hiring new employees. She’ll also convey the importance of developing a strong company culture thru your employees.

No Overhead – No Problems

Speaker:  Nick Shoob

Program Description:  Nick Shoob has grown up in the school photo business. His family studio has been around for over 102 years and photographs over 100k students a year. But after seeing all the trials and tribulations of running a business that big, he decided to do things differently when he opened Shoob Photo South. With a business focused on efficiency and low overhead, he has been able to lead a comfortable life while photographing many less schools. Please join his talk to discuss how, remote workers, computer automation, and getting rid of office space can not only save your bottom line but also your sanity.