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What is Volume Imaging Professionals™

The Volume Imaging Professionals™ Trade Group (or VIP™ for short) is dedicated to helping its Members grow their mass-market photography business based on best business practices, technical expertise, unyielding commitment to customer service and by subscribing to the highest levels of professional standards and ethics. We represent Photographers who take on challenging, volume-based, mass-market assignments of all types – done primarily on location. 

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*Advanced Course

 You’ve worked hard to build your business. It’s going well, but you’ve reached a plateau. Maybe it’s time to think BIG and take your business to the next level. This program will provide insight into what it takes to exponentially grow your business. Learn the secrets of winning MAJOR ACCOUNT BIDS.  Learn how to super-charge your marketing and diversify your business to reduce seasonality and even-out your cash flow. Discover how to recruit, hire and compensate a great part-time Staff and keep them loyal to you. Learn how to create an alternate brand to get customers you aren’t getting now and to prepare your business for transition or sale at retirement time. Break the ties that are holding you back. Think BIG! 

Speaker: Chris Wunder



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Each month, Volume Imaging Professionals brings to its members information and feedback on industry topics.  These include news related to large competitors, changes in law or state policies, and new marketing ideas to grow a Volume Photography Business.  Check out the main site for more information.